6 Weeks Left

So guess what?

I only have 6 weeks left until graduation, where I will receive an Bachelors of Science in Biology. WOO!

Plans after graduation?

  1. Move in with the BF
  2. Get transferred from 3rd shift to 1st shift at the hospital I am working at (been almost completely approved)
  3. Take 3 more courses at local campus
  4. Take GRE
  5. Apply to Physician Assistant School in Spring 2017

Whoa! What?! PA School?! I thought you wanted to go to med school?

Yeah, well plans change. After multiple conversations with advisors, coworkers, etc. I have determined that I am really interested in PA school and that it would be a fantastic fit for me… if i get in.


There is one school in particular I like, which I meet all of the qualifications for except 3 courses and the GRE. Yes, my GPA is still lower than I’d like, but that is what the GAP YEAR is for… to strengthen the weak parts of my application.

I haven’t had much more input from people when it comes to what to expect when applying to PA school, other than it is really competitive, and that being said any information or input is much appreciated.



So until next time.


“Sometimes our lives have to be completely shaken up,  changed, and rearranged to put us into the place we are meant to be”


Long time no write…

Hello followers.

I know it’s been a while since I last wrote… but, ya know… life.

I have been writing a lot lately though, that is if you want to count the 12 page research paper I just submitted on the invasive tree species Robinia pseudoacacia (exciting, I know..) Gotta love advanced botany.

That being said, I am one week away from starting my first semester finals week here in my last year of undergrad. Yup, I am 1 semester (and 2 weeks) away from graduation. I am so excited.

I cannot wait to just take a break for awhile. (yes, I have decided to take a gap year). This may be due to the fact that I am still a little unsure what I want to do with my life… you know, or the fact that I am going to take a post-bac online program to boost my GPA (which is the part of my application that needs the work).

Also, I am still working third shift through the school year to keep my job at the hospital, which I have officially had for 6 months now! I do have to say, it is pretty difficult to work on tuesdays and thursdays 3rd shift when I am working at a hospital two hours away from the college I am studying at…all the driving and lack of sleep…. it really takes a toll on you. I am somehow still managing to pass all my classes and do extracurriculars, while getting only 2-3 hours of sleep on some days during the week. Anyways, I am looking forward to winter break.

However, I will be looking after my boyfriend, of 2.5 years now, because ever since he cut through his tendon in his hand last year before spring break (not sure if I wrote about that, but it’s quite the story), it hasn’t healed properly and he has a lot of pain still. So tomorrow, he will be receiving exploratory surgery on his hand to hopefully fix the problem… but he will need help because it’s his dominate hand.

On the note of my boyfriend being accident prone, he also broke his nose two weeks ago and has a deviated septum. The doctors said they are going to wait until the hand surgery is done, however, before they even think about touching his nose….

… i feel that if he is THE one, I am going to have to become a trauma doctor in the future to keep him from dying.


So until next time.


“No one looks back on their life and remembers the nights they had plenty of sleep”

Third Shift Grind

Sorry I have not been writing much lately.

I recently switched to 3rd shift, which is killing my body lately. I am having a hard time adjusting to the new sleep schedule because my body doesn’t seem to want to sleep past 10 am, even with my dark blinds and curtains.

The job is great though. I love working in a hospital, even if I am only a CNA which sometimes feels as though I am the lowest of the low getting all the grunt work and all. However, the environment, working with the patients, meeting the other people working there, and learning so much about the medical field makes me even more excited and determined to one day reach my goal of becoming a doctor.

It is nice to see the different kinds of jobs that I had never even thought of though. Also, I just have to say that the three orthopedic surgeons that I have seen on first shift at the hospital I am working at are very nice to look at… and they’re young too! Makes getting through the night time shift a little easier knowing I get to see those very attractive doctors doing their morning rounds on their patients.

So until next time.

Anxious Premed

“I’ve got 99 problems, and they all need to be fixed by 0700 if I don’t want to listen to the day shift to complain about them” 

Question for my followers

Hi everyone.

So I have a question for my followers… or to anyone who has applied to, got accepted to, or plans on going to allopathic school or osteopathic school someday…

What was your GPA and MCAT score…?

I know there are variations in these things, but I am sitting at a pretty low GPA for a potential admission to medical school (even though my pre-med advisor says I have a good “excuse” for my low grades and that medical schools understand that Life Happens!) But of course I am still nervous… I mean I plan on taking a gap year anyways to strengthen my application, but I am still looking for any advice/previous experience/encouragement/anything that all you readers are willing to give….

Thanks ahead of time to all of you willing to share!

So until next time.

Anxious Premed

“Success in life comes when you simply refuse to give up, with goals so strong that obstacles, failure, and loss only act as motivation” 

I did it

I got the job.

I am officially a 3rd shift (this is the bad part) CNA at a well known hospital in the orthopedic wing. YAY!

Finally, all my hard work is paying off…. literally, at about a $4/hour increase than my last job! $$$$$$$ 🙂

Also, I made the move to my boyfriends hometown. It’s great… I am close enough where we can just hang out for a few hours then go our separate ways. I am literally 5 minutes away from his house, which means I’m am close, but also have some space.

Also, I just got a letter about a program at Loyola University, Master of Arts in Medical Sciences, which guarantees an interview into their medical school. Seems like an okay option to me!

Finally, I got a better grade then I thought I would have in Ochem! Woo. I have so much excitement, opportunities, and happiness right now.

Life’s looking good.

So until next time.

Anxious Premed

In the end we only regret the chances we didn’t take” 

The Root Of All Evil


I got my financial aid for the next year… and because of recent UW school system budget cuts by an unnamed governor and the school I am at trying to compensate by reducing grants… my financial aid was cut $6000… that’s one semester of tuition.

This is ridiculous. I work 24 hours on a weekend, and am a full time student and will still not be able to pay for school. I can’t afford food, or gas, or rent, or books, or any of my extra-curricular fees…

My only option right now is to take a year off. I can’t mentally be worrying and stressing about schoolwork and finances.

Not the best thing to do, but it seems like it’s the only way…. Now I have a lot more pressure on getting this job on Friday.

So until next time.

Anxious (and very stressed out) Premed

“I want to live my life without stress and worry”

Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all you mothers out there. 

Unfortunately I didn’t get to see mine thanks to being stuck at the university with finals today… who thought starting finals on Mother’s Day was a good idea? Anyways, I did get to talk to my mom on the phone today to wish her a happy day.

Here’s the big news of the day. My boyfriend’s younger sister got engaged… So that makes him the last one in his family to not be engaged to his significant other (aka me) other than his youngest sister who isn’t dating anyone. I am so happy for her, considering I think of his sister as a sister as well… but my boyfriend thought it would be funny to tell me that the reason they’re getting married is because she’s pregnant (because it’s Mother’s Day)! It wasn’t the funniest joke he has ever told!

Now I will be moving by him in the next four days, which means after this big news in the family there is bound to be a lot of “you two are next”… which I have thought about, don’t get me wrong we’ve been dating 2 years, but I still think it’s too early in our relationship (and because of school and everything).

So when is the right time to get engaged/married? I mean I have one more year of school left, then I will hopefully have a gap year before starting medical school somewhere (if everything goes to plan, but seriously….what ever goes to plan these days?)


So until next time.

Anxious Premed